Some Cutest DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts On Pinterest

No one actually wants a stuffed puppy holding an “I Love You” pillow heart for Valentine’s Day, so why not create a sweet DIY gift bae really will love? These unique pressies are Pinterest-approved and super cute. Guaranteed V-Day victory!

1. Sweets for your sweet
This yummy gift is super cheap and easy to make, but still totally thoughtful. Buy your S.O. their favorite candy and decorate each bag with a funny pun. You can personalize the box with pics of the two of you and lots of glitter.

2. Cutesy candy jar
This DIY is perfect for the holiday of hearts, but you don’t have to deck your candy jar in Xs and Os. If that’s not bae’s ~thing~, paint your candy machine in their favorite colors.
3. S’mores for your BFFs
Sending love to a whole crew? Grab a bag of heart-shaped mega mallows, some graham crackers, and mini chocolate bars to make cute s’mores kits. Include a ~love~ note inside with the date and time if your Galentine’s Day bonfire/marshmallow roast.

4. Secret mission
Plan a V-Day scavenger hunt with clever clues and a fun prize or activity at the end.
5. Lottery bouquet
Stumped on what to get your brand-new bae? Can’t go wrong with a handmade lotto ticket bouquet. Everyone loves money!
6. 14 days of treats
Starting on February 1, give your S.O. a tasty treat or cheap little present every day. It’s a sweet way to draw out the Love Day fun.
7. 52 things I love about you
YOUR HAIR, YOUR EYES, YOUR OLD LEVI’S, WHEN WE KISS I’M HYPNOTIZED! Miley had the right idea – telling bae what you love about them is always a win. Write one trait you adore on each card, then bind them with rings into a little book.
8. Themed box
Pick your ride-or-die’s favorite color, movie, country, or whatever and fill a box full of on-theme trinkets.

9. Love lyrics
Fill a mason jar with all the song lines that remind you of your S.O. They’ll love the romantic gesture, even if you don’t agree on music.

10. Scrapbook
Movie tickets, concert stubs, cute notes, and photos are the perfect love tokens to fill a book with. Even if you’re not the craftiest fish in the sea, bae will appreciate that you kept so many mementos.

Top 10 Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Trying to get a good seat at the movies on Valentine’s Day is like a toned-down version of The Hunger Games – you fight a theater full of other people for the best spot and if you fail, your romantic night is basically doomed. Skip the battle and try a totally unique (and cheap!) date instead.

1. Indoor Picnic.
If it’s way too cold to actually go outside where you live, throw down a blanket and have a romantic picnic in your dorm room or living room. Make cute little finger sandwiches, cookies or brownies, and pick up your fave chips, then pack them up in a basket. If you want a bigger dose of nature, just flip on NatGeo and listen to the sounds of birds chirping. It’s all the fun of an actual picnic, minus the bugs crawling in your food.
2. Sweet Treat.
Get your date on Taylor Swift style – spend your night making some sweet treats in the kitchen. You and bae can both pick your favorite desserts and make them together. Or go out to a restaurant and order a crazy dessert. It’s a totally fun date that will most likely end with chocolate – what could be better?
3. Spa Night.
This is a killer date idea that comes for free. Raid your kitchen for supplies to make DIY face masks or bring out your nail kit for an at-home mani/pedi. Then watch your favorite rom com while you wait for the masks to dry. Bonus: face masks make for some adorable seflies!
4. Netflix Dinner.
Is your favorite Saturday night activity catching up on your favorite shows with bae? Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and try to finish a new mini-series in one night – you might have to stay up late, but that’s part of the fun! Order cheeseburgers, Chinese food, pizza, or any other food you love. And don’t forget dessert! Get donuts from your favorite bakery or your go-to ice cream flavor from the grocery store. You’ll spend the whole night pigging out and cuddling – basically a dream come true.
5. Game Night.
Planning a super romantic Valentine’s Day date can be v stressful, especially if you just started dating. A game night is a totally chill date that’ll take the pressure off. Hit up an arcade and bond with your S.O. over an old-school game of Frogger or a Dance Dance Revolution battle. Then at the end of the night, you can use your tickets to buy each other a funny V-Day gift.

6. Snow Date.
Snow can be a major pain when you’re trying to get to school, but it actually makes for a pretty great date. If it happens to be snowing on Feb. 14th, head outside and channel your inner Elsa. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or go sledding. And be sure to warm up with cuddles and lots of hot cocoa.

7. Play Games.
February weather isn’t always the most romantic, so if you’d rather stay in on V-Day, channel your inner kids and play your fave childhood boardgames, or try a super hard puzzle. It’s a great way to laugh and bond without just watching a movie like usual.
8. Ghost Tour.
If you and bae are into ~creepy~ stuff, go online and see if a town near you has a walking ghost tour. Most cities have them for cheap and they’re super fun. A guide (usually dressed in a Victorian costume) will take you to the spookiest spots in town and tell you scary stories.
9. Planetarium.
There’s nothing more romantic than laying out looking the stars, but in the winter that’s not really doable. Instead, go to a planetarium for a night-time view of the sky sans the frigid temps.
10. Burritos With Bae.
If you don’t want your little brother interrupting your V-Day date, but don’t have the cash for a ~fancy~ dinner (or if you just want to keep it cas), why not hit up your fave fast food joint? You know the food will be good, and it can be fun to split some of your fave treats in a low-key environment. Go to Chipotle for burritos, and split some guac and chips. Or hit up McDonald’s for fries and McFlurries!

Important Things Never to Say to a Single Girl on Valentine’s Day

1. “Don’t worry, you’ll be in a relationship next year!”
Unless you have a crystal ball and some seriously powerful psychic abilities, you have no idea whether that’ll be true or not. But either way, it doesn’t matter. A relationship isn’t the key to happiness. It’s possible to be single and have an amazing V-Day (whether you’re Netflix and chilling solo or driving around with the radio blasting with your friends), and it’s equally possible to have a V-Day that kind of sucks even if you’re in a relationship (just check out real girls’ V-Day disasters here).
2. “I hate Valentine’s Day, too!”
Um, who said I hate Valentine’s Day just because I’m single? The holiday is about love in all its forms — love for yourself, your family, and your friends. That’s totally awesome. Plus, it gives me an excuse to break out anything pink with hearts all over it.

3. “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”
Why? What are YOU doing?

4. “Oh, so you’re going to spend V-Day watching The Notebook and crying into your popcorn, right?”
Why would you assume I’m going to see a cliche romantic movie on February 14th? Anyway, if I do end up sobbing over a Nicholas Sparks movie on Valentine’s Day, it’s because his movies are meticulously calculated to produce water works and not for any other reason. And anyway, popcorn tastes better with a lil salt, so bring on the tears.

5. “Galentine’s Day is so lame.”
My favorite Valentine’s Day ever involved getting glammed up with my best friend in red and pink dresses, chowing down on yummy Italian food, and dancing to all our favorite songs together. Lame? Not at all. It was actually more fun than spending the holiday with my boyfriend the year before — picking out the perfect card and gift was surprisingly stressful, and spending the day with him felt like any other day, just with a load of extra pressure added on top.

6. “It’s just a Hallmark holiday.”
You’re right, it’s not a national or religious holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas. But it’s still fun to celebrate, if you choose.

7. “You probably wear all-black on Valentine’s Day, right?”
I might! I own a lot of black clothing. But since the holiday is the perfect occasion to bust out my girliest pink clothes and lipstick, I might do that, too. My relationship status has nothing to do with how I dress.

8. “Just wait ’till you’re in a relationship — then you’ll see what a big deal Valentine’s Day is.”
Possibly. But even though I’m not currently dating anyone, I can still, y’know, use my imagination and empathize that V-Day is extra-special to people who are in relationships.

9. “Who’s your Valentine?”
My best friend. My cat. Troy Bolton. This is a dumb question. Next!

10. “Aren’t you lonely?”
No. Aren’t you?

11. “You must be so bitter this time of year.”
Only a bitter person would say something like that.
12. “Soooo… do you like anyone?”
Maybe! And it’s none of your business on Valentine’s Day or any other day.

13. “Did anyone send you a candy-gram?”
Is this just your way of humble-bragging about how many candy-grams you received? Congrats, I don’t care.

14. “I got so many candy-grams I can’t even carry them all to my locker.”
Poor you! I’d offer to help carry some, but my hands are full playing the world’s tiniest violin.